Understanding the Role of Politics and Partnerships in Library Leadership

Are you hoping to advance into a leadership role within your library? If so, are you prepared to rub shoulders with politicians, members of the library board, the media, and those who have influence within your library community? You may have the knowledge and skills to perform your current job. However, that may not be enough to propel you into a leadership position. In addition to having advanced knowledge and abilities related to strategic planning and implementation of policies and procedures, the ability to provide vision and direction, along with a plethora of other responsibilities, you will discover that you must also be able to “play well with others.” Working in a leadership role (e.g., library director) often requires an ability to develop relationships with those with which you might not normally interact. If this is something that is challenging for you, consider taking the ‘Politics and Partnerships’ course. It is a six-week, asynchronous, online course that will equip you to identify social/political/economic issues that may affect the library, understand the role of and work effectively with key constituents such as the library board, develop relationships with people who can exercise influence in federal, state, or local decisions, work effectively with the media, and a variety of other functions that could help to secure a leadership role for you within a library. To learn more about the course and to register, visit the Politics and Partnerships webpage.