Try This 5-Finger Deep Breathing Tip to Reduce Stress

Are you living your best life? Are you happier than you’ve ever been before? Did the stress in your life magically disappear when the holidays were over? Chances are that most people responded with a resounding “No.” Stress didn’t automatically disappear because a new year began. We’ve all seen the word stress so much that we may tend to ignore it. But we can’t ignore the impact of stress on our daily lives. Most of us have experienced a sense of being overwhelmed as if everything were too much. While stress can have serious repercussions on our health and overall well-being, sometimes, simply taking time to pause and rest the mind can be enough to feel better in the moment. This short article offers a quick way to help cope with stress. It’s a really simple breathing exercise called five-finger breathing. Try it. You may find it useful the next time you start to feel overwhelmed. We know that we can’t control everything that occurs. However, if we can find effective, positive ways to manage our responses to stressful situations and circumstances, we’ll have a better chance of becoming more resilient and possibly improving our overall well-being for long-term benefits.