Are You Guilty of Well-Being Washing? 5 Signs with Ways to Fix It

How many programs did your library/organization offer last year to help employees improve their mental health and well-being? One? Two? None? During the pandemic, many employers recognized the need to provide resources and support for their employees. However, within the last year, many employers have become lackadaisical in their efforts. They acknowledge that employees may still need assistance, but they are no longer taking steps to provide it (beyond typical EAP). Although it may not be intentional, employers may be guilty of what has become known as well-being washing. This is when libraries/organizations/companies and their leaders champion mental and physical health but fail to implement genuine support for their people. It is becoming a growing concern for employees ─many of whom are still struggling with work and family-related stress. This article offers five signs that could indicate an employer is guilty of well-being washing. The article provides ideas that suggest what can be done to counteract the warning signs if employers want to remain well-being advocates for their staff.