Three Ways to Refill Emotionally When You are Pouring from an Empty Cup

Now that summer is in full swing, has your workload diminished? Are you breezing through your days without a care in the world? If you’re like most of us, you probably answered “no” to these questions. Stress does not necessarily evaporate with the changing of seasons. Summer might mean more juggling if you have school-age children. It could mean more financial distress as you attempt to take family vacations without additional funds. It might include a heavier workload as your co-workers take time off. Even though it’s summer ─the time when we hope to live a more carefree lifestyle─ you may be feeling tired and overwhelmed. A combination of factors could have you feeling drained, making it difficult to get much accomplished. It’s hard to care about anything when you feel exhausted and/or burned out. We may be tired of hearing about people feeling burned out. However, this article says that burnout is “real and can lead to depression, anxiety, relationship damage, and an inability to function at home or at work.” The author suggests that “with time and effort, you can refill your cup, slowly adding back a bit of the energy and joie de vivre you’ve been missing.”  The author offers several ways to start. The ideas that resonate with me the most include giving yourself permission to say ‘no thank you’ to things that deplete you; choosing what makes you feel at peace (when you have an option); and surrounding yourself with people, activities, and things that make you feel cozy, loved, happy, or content. Look at the suggestions and see which ones resonate with you. You may not be able to do everything. Start slow and simply do one or two things that will work for you and have an impact.