Ways to Improve Your Well-Being Post-Pandemic

Over the past three years of living through the pandemic, many of us faced sources of stress that we could never have imagined. We were presented with challenges that impacted nearly every area of our lives. Normal routines and interactions (i.e., going to church, attending graduations, birthday parties, etc.) were disrupted. It may have seemed as though many things were out of our control. It’s easy to understand how our equilibrium, our sense of well-being may have been affected by the circumstances of the time. Though we are officially out of the pandemic, there is one truth that remains. It is that maintaining practices that improve our mental health is still critical to our overall well-being. Although we may be tired of hearing about the importance of self-care, we must remain vigilant. This article asserts that as we move forward and beyond the pandemic, it will be important to attend to our own mental well-being. The article suggests that we each modify our attitudes and behaviors to take charge of our personal well-being. It offers several ways to improve our well-being as we consider our daily activities.

Self-care can mean different things to each of us. What is important is that we engage in activities which allow us to feel good, healthy, and whole; practices that will have a positive impact on our overall mental and physical health. It won’t be achieved overnight. Getting to wellness is a journey. Just keep trying. Even when we have setbacks, we can continue to move forward. And it’s okay if we need help along the way. It’s also okay to ask for it when we need it. One of the benefits of living through the pandemic is that we learned to value relationships. Many of us grew to appreciate those who mean the most to us, our support systems. Lean on your support system when you need to. We should continue to treasure relationships as we also continue to treasure the activities and moments that allow us to care for ourselves. In this post-pandemic world, it is still important to continue our self-care practices.