Six Tips to Engage Job Candidates on Your Career Site

How easy is it for someone interested in working at your library to find open positions on your website? How many clicks does it take to get to a list of your vacant positions? Have you ever gone to your home page and tried to find the available jobs (acting as if you were a job candidate)? Was it frustrating? Does your site inspire job seekers to take the leap and apply? Or does it discourage them? This brief article suggests that providing job seekers with stellar experiences on your site is critical to an effective hiring strategy. When employers take steps to remove unnecessary obstacles (i.e., providing an easy, streamlined, and simple application process), you ensure the process of learning about job opportunities is hassle-free. The article offers six tips to effectively inspire continuous candidate engagement on your site in a way that allows you to convert candidates into applicants. When you make it easy to find what they need, candidates will appreciate the respect shown for their time, leading to a higher likelihood of your peaking their interest, and motivating them to engage further.