A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

For those who work in academic or school libraries, it may be spring break. When I was in school (many moons ago) spring break meant spring cleaning. We did all the deep cleaning that didn’t get done on a daily basis, things like washing windows and walls, cleaning closets and getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, or pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator and using soapy towels to wipe off the shelves, etc.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve decided that spring break can also be a time for self-care. Although we should be engaging in self-care regularly, this can be a time for that deep, thoughtful self-care. The author of this article suggests that we use the start of spring as a time do deep cleaning of ourselves, as a way to get ready for the future, so we can be our best for whatever comes next. The author asserts that “spring cleaning your self is part of preparing… a way to achieve physical health and mental clarity.” The article proposes things to think about and consider cleaning out “when tackling the spring cleaning of your life and yourself, including things that’s bringing you down, things that’s weighing on you, and things that aren’t moving you forward. The author concludes by encouraging us toMake changes; Do what you can to make things better.”