Worker’s Rights on Ballots for the Mid-term Elections

Votes related to workers’ rights and wages are still being counted across the country. It appears that working people came out in record mid-term numbers in a stand for pro-labor causes. One case in particular is the passage of Amendment 1 (known as the “workers’ rights” amendment) in Illinois which will amend the Illinois state constitution to ensure the right for workers to organize and bargain collectively to negotiate wages, hours and working conditions. It also prohibits the state from passing right-to-work laws, which allow employees to opt out of joining a union or paying union dues even if the workplace has unionized. Unions are lauding this as well as other victories and pledging to continue fighting where losses were experienced. This article gives a brief description along with results of several measures that were on ballots in multiple states this past election day (Nov. 8). Although final counts are not yet completed in all states, we should continue to watch for results and pay attention to the impact on employees.