Top 10 Retirement Tips for Today

What do you envision for your life when you retire? Do you see yourself traveling to foreign countries each year? Do you see yourself with family and friends on tropical beaches? Do you have a vision? Or do you feel that with the money you’re making now, you’ll never be able to save enough to retire? Perhaps you feel like you’re just trying to make it from one paycheck to the next, so you can’t even think about saving for retirement. You are not alone. According to, Americans are struggling to save, including for retirement. Among all U.S. adults that have retirement accounts, the median savings is $60,000. About 25% have no retirement accounts at all. The pandemic seems to have exacerbated the financial crisis for families with increasing job and pay instability (unemployment, layoffs, furloughs, etc.).

We need to start somewhere. Crossing your fingers and hoping that things will all work out is not the place to start. You need a plan, even if retirement seems far off. Given all the economic uncertainty facing the United States and the world, it could be wise to start planning now, especially if retirement is soon (say within the next 5 years). This article offers ten suggestions to begin (or continue, if you’ve already gotten a jump) planning for retirement. Some might sound familiar; some will sound brand-new. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. It is essential to start planning for retirement as soon as possible.