Key Mistakes Leaders are Making

What is the most important asset your library has? Is it the books and other materials you loan to patrons? Could it be the technology used to enhance your programs and services? How about your library staff? Over the last couple of decades, employers have tended to place a high value on investment in technology and innovation. However, the pandemic has caused many employers to view their assets in a different light. Employers may finally be starting to re-evaluate the value of people. The author of this article argues that the old model of work-for-pay, which focuses on trying to extract the best out of employees coupled with an abundant investment in technology, is backfiring on the workforce.The author suggests that “by primarily focusing on staying on top of tech advances, [employers] are at risk of ignoring the reality of what’s driving business today: our people.” He argues that we need to start inspiring employees to give their best and bring the best out in each other – and that should start at the top with employers and leaders. He says employers need to be strategic about how your workplace culture makes the most of your investment in people. He offers three ways employers can incorporate options for employees to better connect, share honest feedback, and feel valued, respected, and heard in the workplace.