The Surprising Benefits of Microbreaks

The importance of taking short breaks throughout the workday can prove invaluable in increasing focus while helping to relieve stress. According to the author of this article, these short breaks, referred to as microbreaks, are also an effective way to manage energy levels.  During these breaks, you can do activities that are as simple as stretching, walking up and down the stairs, gazing out a window at nature, snacking, or having a five-minute mindful meditation.

Managers need to give employees autonomy to take breaks as needed. Employees should not feel tied to their desks or made to feel guilty if they walk away for short breaks. In addition to helping staff regain focus, microbreaks can also improve productivity and help clear the mind for better creativity. According to studies cited in the article, microbreaks can also keep employees from feeling tired and drained at the end of each workday.

The author suggests five brief activities —what he calls microchillers— to help us use microbreaks in mindful practices to enhance self-care. A microchiller exercise can be any short activity that makes you aware of what’s happening as it’s happening in the flow of your daily routines. The author asserts that if we practice doing microchiller exercises, we may notice the difference in our concentration, energy level, and productivity. As you continue this practice, tension will subside, you’ll feel more relaxed, and self-satisfaction and mindful productivity will soar.