Five Simple Steps to Stay Healthy During Times of Stress

April is stress awareness month. Some of you might respond to this statement with the comment that every month (every day, really), you’re aware of stress. Many of us are in a state of chronic stress, wearing invisible capes as we try to be a superhuman day in and day out in the face of stressors. We are often left wondering when things will change, if things will ever get back to normal, if we will ever get back to not feeling overwhelmed and tired all the time. The author of this article believes that we don’t have to remain in a holding pattern, waiting for change. She asserts that a few simple shifts can move us from surviving to resiliency and thriving. The author offers several ideas to help us manage our mindset to adapt through uncertainty and difficulty. She also provides suggestions for putting the ideas into action. She shares her mantra that “Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard,” believing that small changes can add up to big results. The one idea she suggests that seems most practical is to focus on what you can control. The truth is that it is not possible to control every aspect of life. What we do have control over is ourselves, our choices, and our behaviors. By taking a proactive approach and attending to self-care (which is needed most during times of stress), we can positively impact our wellness.