Dealing with the Death of an Employee

Death is not something that most people sit around thinking about. It can be a difficult topic to address. However, some people lost loved ones during this past year. Some may have even had to plan services for loved ones. Let’s face it, 2020 was difficult for many people for so many reasons. Hopefully, things will get better soon. Unfortunately, however, until a larger percentage of the population is vaccinated, we will probably see more deaths. What do you do when one of your library/organization employees is one of those who pass away? How you conduct yourself as an HR professional, a manager and an organization in the moments and days after such a death is critical. How you share information and support employees during this time is paramount. It can make a difference for the morale of remaining employees and the families of the employees who pass. It may not be enough to point employees to the services of your employee assistance program (EAP) providers. Your employees may require more support to face loss and grief. Listed below are resources to help effectively cope with such situations.


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