JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center Hosting Sessions

We understand that things may be tough right now. Many are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We want to help. The ALA JobLIST Placement & Career Development Center will be hosting several webinars during the month of July. Each one-hour session will be held on a Wednesday, from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Central). You may register for any or all of them. Space is limited, so register early.

July 8 – Wellness: Managing Stress and Taking Care of Yourself

Join us for this interactive session where we will discuss signs of stress and how it impacts you physically and mentally. You will walk away with stress reduction techniques that you can use immediately. Leave feeling refreshed and prepared to meet challenges in healthier, more productive ways.

July 15 – Action and Balance: Using Narrative and Self-Compassion on the Job Hunt

What’s the best way to convey to a potential employer the active approach you’ll take to your new tasks and responsibilities, if they’ll just give you the chance? What do you do when you’ve heard “no” one too many times? If you are currently job hunting, or you’re afraid you might lose the job you have, how will you contend with uncertainty in the job market? In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to use a specific approach to describing yourself in active terms for interview questions and cover letters, ways to actively support your job search (and your career) in times of uncertainty, and explore some techniques for staying positive and balanced by showing oneself the kindness and compassion that we often reserve for others. The presenters will provide exercises from their recent career development book, How to Thrive as a Library Professional (Libraries Unlimited, 2019).  

July 22 – How to Advance in Your Career in Times of Uncertainty

Are you interested in advancing your career and seeking a promotion to supervisor or manager? Are you curious about the ways in which the role of supervisor is different from your current technical and professional duties? Are you wondering if you are prepared to manage a team? How can you send the right message to prospective employers about your readiness to move up the chain of command? What do you have to do to move up? Is it even possible in this COVID-19 work environment? Join us to discuss these and other questions.  

July 29 – Creating a Culture of Wellness for Library Staff

It is now more important than ever to create a healthy environment for library workers. Fostering a culture of wellness can help lower stress, reduce burnout, improve recovery from compassion fatigue and more. This webinar will take a holistic approach as we discuss aspects of a healthy workplace including physical, mental, and emotional components. We will explore why, and how, libraries should focus on improving the health and wellness of library staff.