Census 2020 is Coming

We know that library staff across the country are working hard to finalize everything needed to support a 2020 Census that is fair, accurate and inclusive. 

The Census Bureau will begin mailing documents on March 12, and Census Day is officially April 1. As the countdown progresses, Kathi Kromer, Associate Executive Director, Public Policy and Advocacy at the American Library Association, wants to share a few essential resources:

  • Most Importantly: We are entering a period of elevated risk and misinformation around the Census. If you see something concerning or purporting to be from ALA that seems suspect, please verify it with our Census staff leads, Larra Clark (lclark@ala.org) and Gavin Baker (gbaker@alawash.org). Be on your guard, and don’t hesitate to call even if the issue feels minor. 

For more information, visit ALA’s 2020 Census website.