Librarians Among University Staff on Strike Across UK

Over 40,000 librarians, lecturers, technicians and other staff went on strike, picketing 60 universities across the United Kingdom as of Monday, November 25, 2019, according to The Guardian. The strike was due to continue for eight days with the possibility of a second strike in the new year if demands are not met.

What’s the reason for the strike? The University and College Union (UCU) members and supporters complain that administrative salaries and benefits are exorbitant, while salaries of other staff are so low that many exist in poverty, are homeless and must rely on food banks. There is also a concern that pensions are not being properly funded and equal pay for women and minority ethnic staff is lacking.

In the three weeks since the strike was announced 3,500 more workers petitioned to join the union, and the UCU has begun talks at other institutions to join the actions should they continue into the new year. Large support rallies were also held across the country.