Seven Signs Your Job Security is at Risk

Has your supervisor been a bit short with you lately? Has one of your team members asked you to train them to do something that you normally do? Have you been excluded from meetings that you would normally attend? Do things and people at work just feel a bit ‘off’ to you? You may wonder if you’re being paranoid. But pay attention if clues seem to keep adding up. There are many reasons why you may find your job security at risk. Not all of them have to do with low performance, a negative attitude or being a ‘bad’ employee. Often, changes are taking place and plans are being made in closed meetings that you are not privy to. Whatever the reason things feel a bit awkward or strange at work, you would do well to make sure your head is not stuck in the sand. Pay close attention to the signs. Doing so could help you be prepared to move quickly in finding another position if it becomes necessary. The author of this article provides a list of warning signs which can indicate it’s time to brush off your resume and start looking for another job.