More States Banning Salary-History Inquiries

For years, requesting applicants’ salary history has been standard practice for many employers. Often, the information is used to eliminate applicants from the hiring pool and/or to set compensation for new hires. The problem with this practice is that it may¬†perpetuate the pay disparity between men and women, and particularly for people of color. In addition, relying on salary history to set future salary assumes that prior salaries were fairly established in the first place. If they were not, it means that pay inequity follows workers wherever they go, whatever their job, no matter their abilities. It makes it difficult for some to ever get paid what they are worth. To address this issue, a growing trend has developed across the country. Several states and localities have passed laws restricting employers from making wage inquiries during the application process. Along with describing how employers are affected, this page provides a list of states and localities that have banned pay history questions.