Age Discrimination and Women in the Workplace

Unlike men who are considered to be like fine wines that increase in value with age, women who age are not always respected. It is no secret in a society that is obsessed with physical appearance, that women fight a battle to stay relevant as they reach middle age. In the workplace, that can result in being passed over for promotions, marginalized, and pushed out to make room for younger employees.  This can be devasting for a profession such as librarianship where more than 75% of the workforce is female. It’s true that a woman can be affected by discrimination at any stage of her career, but particularly when she is older. The author of this article describes various workplace situations where this might be true and offers practical suggestions for women to follow in order to protect themselves against discrimination and avoid being forced out of the workplace.

Note: Check the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) website for resources on age well as other types of discrimination and procedures to follow if you believe that you have been discriminated against at work.  There is also a wealth of information for employers related to discrimination policies.