Start a Happiness Project

By Beatrice Calvin

Posted on the bulletin board above my desk is a Wellness calendar. Each month there are suggestions, recipes and things to consider doing that could help you live a healthier, happier life. April’s page starts by asking, “What brings you joy and satisfaction and engages you so that you live well and work at your best?” The writer suggests that you name these things and resolve to pursue them. This will be the start of your happiness project. It involves you intentionally and actively doing those things that will bring happiness to your life.

Find happiness in a quiet walk… a beautiful sunset … a favorite comedy movie that makes you laugh out loud. Smile about something you’ve never noticed before. Fresh ideas are all around. If you consistently seek those things that give you joy, you’ll find that life in general will be more pleasant and less stressful. This may not always be easy to do. Sometimes life’s circumstances can get you down. However, if you try to look at difficult situations with a different lens, you may be able to move past those times with success. Looking at life from a fresh point of view can often help you cope with stress. Change and occasional disappointments are natural. Turn challenges and changes into opportunities for learning and growth. Find a way to make them part of your happiness project.

How will you start your project? You don’t need a lot of activities. Just think of one or two things that would bring pleasure to your life. Take the time, to do one of them. Stop rushing for just a little while and do something that makes you smile. This could be the start of your happiness project—the start of you living a fulfilling, happy life.