How to Hire and Promote the Right People on a Regular Basis

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in WalkTheTalk‘s publication Three-Dimensional Interviewing. Permission granted from The WalkTheTalk Company to duplicate and distribute this resource.  

To increase the likelihood of hiring and promoting the right people on a regular basis, you need to do more than merely review resumes and look at past experience. You need a structured process designed to ensure you get a complete picture of a candidate’s potential for success in the position.

Unlike traditional interviewing which focuses almost exclusively on the person’s skills and past experience, the trio of primary components necessary for job success are:

  • Capability – the knowledge and skills to do the job. Interviews that focus on assessing skills, knowledge, and experience are the bread and butter of hiring – particularly when a candidate has experience in a similar type of job. Determining a person’s capability to perform in a related job is fairly straightforward.
  • Commitment – the attitude and motivation to do the job effectively. Past performance and accomplishments can also provide an indication of the commitment that a candidate will likely bring to the position. Beyond specific skills, it’s likely that the potential for success in a given job also involves factors and attributes concerning the individual’s commitment.
  • Chemistry – sufficient alignment of the candidate’s values and working styles with those of the organization (i.e., its culture). Certainly, assessing commitment as well as capability provides a better picture of a candidate’s potential. But that picture is not yet complete. And individuals hired and promoted on the basis of those two factors alone may still fall short when it comes to being valuable, long-term contributors. There’s one more factor to consider: they must also have the chemistry that ensures a good fit within the organization – with the way you manage and do business.

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