Social Media Quick Tips

Editor’s Note: The following article is an excerpt of Kim Becnel’s ‘To Friend Or Not To Friend: The Facebook Question’ published in Library Management: Tips That Work, by ALA Editions. The publication is edited by Carol Smallwood and part of the ALA Guides for the Busy Librarian Series.

  1. Do not send Friend requests to people you supervise. You may put them in an awkward position. Wait for them to ask you.
  2. When you accept a Friend request from an employee, consider adding a note that indicates that you are happy to accept the request, but that, should he or she ever want to de-Friend you for any reason, you will not take it personally.
  3. If you cannot say something nice (about work), do not post anything at all.
  4. Always think twice about what you are about to post. Ask yourself—is there anyone in the world, Facebook Friend or not, I would not want to read this statement? If the answer is yes, it is probably best not to post it.
  5. Do not take it personally if your coworkers elect not to Friend you or even if, at some point, they decide to de-Friend you.
  6. Whether or not you decide to Friend coworkers, be aware of your privacy settings and set them appropriately for your general account, your status updates, and each set of photos you post.