The Peer Perspective: Interview with Nancy Levin, Director of Cleveland Heights-University Heights Libraries

Under this issue’s Spotlight, Library Worklife features an interview with CPLA graduate Catherine Hakala-Ausperk. We turn now to Nancy Levin, Director of Heights Library and Hakala-Ausperk’s immediate supervisor. Levin shares her own impressions of the CPLA program, which she formed during Hakala-Ausperk’s CPLA studies.

LW: What are your impressions of Catherine’s involvement in the CPLA program?
NL: We benefitted from a number of activities that she created for homework. Specifically, we are using is a new way that she learned to create budget planning worksheets. This has allowed us to attach more relevance to the strategic planning process for future budgeting.

It seems to me that her level of thinking is much higher now. She is considering things that are on-par with a high-level administrator. I think she is setting a really good example of constantly wanting to improve.

We are definitely proud of Cathy. She is a leader in the state, and she advocates for staff training all over the place, wherever she goes. She is developing quite a reputation as a trainer herself!

LW: Who do you think would be the right person to participate in this program?
NL: Someone who is aspiring to a high-level leadership position. It looks great on your resume, it speaks to a higher level of competency that you’ve obtained, and both employers and board members who are choosing high-level administrator positions would be impressed by that.

Many thanks to Nancy Levin, Director of Cleveland Heights-University Heights Library in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.