Libraries team up for weight-loss challenge

Library employees in Whitehall and South Park, PA, will compete to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The contest, called “The Biggest Loser,” began on Memorial Day and will end on Labor Day.

The contest was the idea of Susan Mahoney, Whitehall library’s program director, and Donna Neiport, South Park library’s adult services coordinator.

Teams will divide into two categories. Walkers in the 10,000 Steps Team will use pedometers to track the number of steps they take. The results will be recorded on a chart. Each team member will start at 3,000 steps daily. Walkers will receive one point for every 1,000 steps after the initial 3,000.
The Weighing in Team will be given a designation and a number, and records cards will show a team designation and a number. No one will know to whom the cards belong.

Team Whitehall has 40 people signed up, and South Park has 20.

All participants will receive weekly surprises as they check in on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.

Activities will continue throughout the summer, including a day at South Park and a final party at the Whitehall Library, 100 Borough Park Drive.