CSU Faculty-Status Librarians May See 20.7% Raise

On April 3, California State University (CSU) reached a tentative agreement with the California Faculty Association. The agreement provides all CSU faculty, including library workers with faculty status, base pay increases of 20.7 percent over a four-year period, as well as step increases for those eligible, making the package worth 24.87 percent. Union members are expected to vote on the final contract May 1-3.
The base salary increases (“General Salary Increases”) will raise the average salary for a tenure track faculty member from $74,000 to $90,749 and the average salary for a full-time, full professor with tenure from $86,000 to $105,465 by the end of the contract period.

In addition to these increases, $28 million will be provided in the form of merit and equity increases that will provide raises for senior faculty who have reached the top of the pay scale, as well as boost junior faculty compensation. The CSU will seek an additional one percent increase for all employees’ compensation in state budget funds in each of the next three years.

If the tentative agreement is ratified by the membership of the California Faculty Association, it will then be submitted to the CSU Board of Trustees for approval. According to the California Faculty Association Web site, the final contract language is nearly complete, and the ratification vote of union members remains on course to be held May 1-3.

Read the fact‑finding report as well as the contract.

CSU, faculty union reach tentative agreement on four-year contract; Contract guarantees raises of 20.7 percent for all faculty

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