Volunteer Editors and Columnists Wanted!

ALA-APA is seeking volunteer editors and regular columnists for Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leaders. This electronic publication reaches thousands of libraries and library workers each month, delivering high quality content in the following areas:

  • Career Advancement
  • Certification
  • HR Law & Regulation
  • HR Practice
  • Recruitment
  • Salaries & Pay Equity
  • Spotlight
  • Statistics
  • Support Staff
  • Maintaining the Work/Life  Balance

Volunteer editors would be expected to secure a minimum of four and maximum of six manuscripts/articles for only one category of the newsletter per 12-month period. Articles would be relevant to the category and of interest to one or more of the audiences of Library Worklife: HR personnel, librarians, support staff, directors, union members, trustees, library school students. Articles are 1,200 words or less and submitted in electronic form via email. Volunteer editors will be listed in the masthead of the newsletter and receive a small stipend.

Prospective columnists should submit a proposal of topics for a minimum of three and a maximum of six columns, to be included in the newsletter at the editor/publisher’s discretion over a two-year period. They will receive a free subscription to Library Worklife for one (3 articles) or two (6 articles) years.

Articles may be based on news, trends, or research. They may be written in first person or third person (though not in the same article, please). They, depending on the topic, may even be humorous.

The editor/publisher of LW will review all submissions and work with volunteer editors and columnists to schedule their inclusion into the newsletter. Contact jgrady@ala.org to volunteer for for more information.