Good Conversations Can Change Your Life

Good conversations can improve worklife—as well as personal life. Do you dread those regular performance meetings and want to improve those conversations? Gale S. Wood, COMET Consulting & Coaching, in Havertown, PA (, suggests these questions, based on the “powerful technique” ofAppreciative Inquiry:

  • What has given you the most energy this year? What would be most energizing in years to come?
  • What has worked really well this year? What was happening that made it so good? What might be applicable in the future?
  • What are some situations in which the library staff has worked very effectively together? What was fueling that outstanding performance? How might we have more of it in the future?
  • What am I doing as director (or branch manager, or..) that contributes to your accomplishments? What do I need to do more of and less of?
  • What do you like best about this library? How does it help you do a better job?
  • What about our mission and vision do you find the most inspiring? How might that be maximized?

For more about Appreciative Inquiry, start at the Appreciate Inquiry Commons: or search on appreciative inquiry for other sites.