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Successful Portfolio Submission Examples Posted

The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program staff has gathered some examples from recent portfolios that were evaluated and accepted and posted them in the “Developing and Submitting a Portfolio” section of the website. These examples should help give candidates …

Successful Portfolio Submissions

Here are some examples from successful portfolios submitted by candidates in the LSSC Program.

*These examples are from the previous approved competency sets. Once we have received successful portfolio submissions utilizing the new approved competencies, we will post them.

#NLWD15 Was a Hit!

NLWD15 Logo

National Library Workers Day (NLWD) was a huge hit this year! Just a couple of stats surrounding the day, which occurred on April 14, 2015:

  • 85,000+ combined Twitter impressions between the months of March and April (@alaapa)
  • 12,000+

Interested in Offering LSSC Approved Courses?

There are several ways that Candidates can earn the Library Support Staff Certification.  One of these ways is for a candidate to complete LSSC Approved Courses approved by the LSSC.  Providers can be any organization that provides library education.

Providers …

New Portfolio Assesment Fees Announced

The Portfolio option for completing the competency sets in the LSSC Program will continue to be free for current candidates until February 1, 2014. On February 1st, 2014, portfolios submitted for review by current candidates to complete …

Getting Started

Portfolios and Approved Courses

Effective January 31, 2019 portfolio submissions will no longer be an option

You may complete competency sets either by taking LSSC approved courses (available online and face-to-face), or by working independently be developing and submitting a

Step 3

Write your Personal Learning Statement.

After you are finished with all responses to the individual competencies, you will write a Personal Learning Statement.  You can find an example of this statement at Successful Portfolio Submissions.

The personal learning …

Step 2

Organize your documentation under each competency in a competency set.

After you have looked at the competencies in a competency set and considered how you want to demonstrate each one, you are ready to organize your responses.  If you would …

Developing and Submitting a Portfolio

A Portfolio is a way for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a competency set.  If you submit a successful portfolio, you will not have to complete an LSSC approved course in that competency set. The cost for …

Webinars and Presentations

Upcoming Presentations

Currently there are no scheduled upcoming presentations.

Archived Webinars and Presentations


2013, April 24 – LSSC – An Introduction (YouTube archived webinar)

  • An hour long recording of a past webinar introducing and explaining the LSSC Program. The