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LSSC Course Program Documents

Competency Sets

3 Required 

7 Electives

Appeal Process

Appeal Process – Individual

  1. Appeal Procedure

The ALA-APA Certification Program Committee (CPC) reviews appeals of ALA- APA LSSC staff or Certification Review Committee (CRC) decisions.

To begin the appeal process, an individual must file a notice of intent to file …

What should my CARs include?

Each individual CAR will include:

  • Documents for each of the six competency sets you need for certification (three core competency sets and three elective sets).  The competency sets may be completed in any order that works best for you. For

What are CARs?

Your Candidate Achievement Records (CARs) are your personal work areas on LiveText that you will use to document each of the six competency sets you need for certification (three core competency sets and three elective sets).  You will upload to …

LiveText and CARs

The LiveText Certification Management System

All of the documents you submit to show your achievement of competency sets are submitted through the online LiveText Certification Management System.   No information is submitted on paper.  Your application to become an LSSC candidate …

Step 2

Organize your documentation under each competency in a competency set.

After you have looked at the competencies in a competency set and considered how you want to demonstrate each one, you are ready to organize your responses.  If you would …

Primary and Secondary Documentation

The documentation for your portfolio will be of two types: PRIMARY and SECONDARY.  Most candidates use primary and secondary documentation in conjunction with Portfolio Development Suggestions.

PRIMARY documentation is direct evidence of your knowledge and skills in a particular competency.  …

Developing and Submitting a Portfolio

A Portfolio is a way for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a competency set.  If you submit a successful portfolio, you will not have to complete an LSSC approved course in that competency set. The cost for …

LTA Program and Degree Recognition Project

LTA Project PowerPoint

LTA/LSSC Program Recognition Documents




This program’s goal is for graduates of college Library Technical Assistant (also called other titles) programs to apply for and receive the LSSC without submitting portfolios or completing other courses.  

Webinars and Presentations

Upcoming Presentations

Currently there are no scheduled upcoming presentations.

Archived Webinars and Presentations


2013, April 24 – LSSC – An Introduction (YouTube archived webinar)

  • An hour long recording of a past webinar introducing and explaining the LSSC Program. The