Illinois Central Community College


East Peoria, IL

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Contact: Jessica Bastian

1) Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

2) Certificate Program*

Date of Agreement: June, 2011
Retroactive date: June, 2009

*Special Conditions:  Certificate Program graduates can apply for and receive the LSSC if they complete a LSSC-Approved Course in the Communications and Teamwork Competency Set, or submit a portfolio in that competency set, or complete the College’s COM 110:  Communication: Process and Practice course, and meet the other LSSC requirements.

This is a list of individual approved courses that can be taken to fulfill LSSC competency sets.

Approved Course Competency Set
LIB 110 Introduction to Libraries Foundations of Library Service
LIB 125 Cataloging and Classification Cataloging & Classification
CMGEN 120 Computer Applications Technology
LIB 231 Introduction to Patron Services Access Services
LIB 210 Reference Reference & Info Services
LIB 116 Acquisition of Materials Collections
COMM 110 Communication Process and Practice Communication & Teamwork
LIB 200 Intro to Children’s & Youth Services Youth Services