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Contact: Carina Love

1) Library/Information Associate in Science (AS)

2) Certificate Program

Date of Agreement: June, 2017

*Students graduating from Cuesta College are immediately eligible for the LSSC.

This is a list of individual approved courses that can be taken to fulfill LSSC competency sets.

Approved Course Competency Set
LIBT 201 Introduction to Library Services Foundations of Library Service
LIBT 210 School Library/Media Center Services

LIBT 218 Adolescent Literature

Youth Services
LIBT 213 Advanced Internet Searching

LIBT 215 Technology in the Workplace

LIBT 204 Organizing Information Cataloging & Classification
LIBT 209 Library Public Service Reference & Information Services
LIBT 205 Library/Information Center Collections Collections
LIBT 208 Library Teamwork and Supervisory Skills Communication & Teamwork