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Contact: Michele Alaniz

1) Associate in Science (AS)

2) Certificate of Achievement

Date of Agreement: February 2013
Retroactive date: June, 2011

*Students graduating from City College of San Francisco are immediately eligible for the LSSC.

This is a list of individual approved courses that can be taken to fulfill LSSC competency sets.

Approved Course Competency Set
LIBR 51 Introduction to Libraries and Library Services *This course covers two competency sets Foundations of Library Services / Collections
LIBR 53 Public Library Services for Library Technicians

LIBR 57 Internet Research Strategies

Reference and Information Services
LIBR 55A Cataloging & Classification Cataloging and Classification
LIBR 55B Technical and Access Services for Library Technicians Collections
LIBR 56 Computers in Libraries Technology
LIBR 59 Library Work Experience Communication and Teamwork