Central Carolina Community College

CCCCSanford, NC

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Contact: Amy Whitmer

1) Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

2) Diploma in Library and Information Technology

Date of Agreement: May, 2012
Retroactive date: January, 2010

*To receive the LSSC, CCCC graduates must provide evidence that they completed COM 110, OR complete an LSSC Approved Course in Communication and Teamwork.

This is a list of individual approved courses that can be taken to fulfill LSSC competency sets.

Approved Course Competency Set
LIB 110 Introduction to Libraries Foundations of Library Service
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers Technology
LIB 214 Library Services for Children Youth Services
LIB 111 Library Information Resources & Services Reference & Info Services
LIB 112 Library Collection Development & Acquisitions Collections
COM 110 Introduction to Communication Communication & Teamwork