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This program’s goal is for graduates of college Library Technical Assistant (also called other titles) programs to apply for and receive the LSSC without submitting portfolios or completing other courses.  These graduates must meet other LSSC eligibility requirements of a high school degree or its equivalent.  If graduates do not have the required experience, of 1820 hours working in a library during the last five years, we offer a provisional certification until they obtain this experience. This program offers Library Support Staff a dual recognition of their accomplishment – an LTA degree or certificate AND national certification through the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA). The ALA-APA reviews a college’s graduation requirements and courses that cover the LSSC competency sets.  If the ALA-APA finds that a college requires its graduates to complete courses that cover the three required LSSC competencies and three of the electives competencies, the ALA-APA will propose an agreement.  This is not an accreditation program. If you are on the faculty or the coordinator of a LTA program and interested in the Agreement Program, please contact Kimberly Redd at If you are a student or a graduate of one of the colleges with agreements or under review or if you are interested in proposing a college program for review, please contact Kimberly Redd at

Colleges with Recognition Agreements