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Time: The LSSC certification is valid for four years. Certification holders must renew their certification before the end of their initial certification period and every four years thereafter.

Certification holders can renew their certification anytime in the 12 months before their current certification expires and have a grace period of two months after their initial certification expires. Within this time, LSSC holders must provide documentation that they have met the continuing education requirements listed below.

Requirements: The requirements for renewal are the completion of 32 contact hours in educational activities directly related to the competency sets. The 32 hours must include at least four hours in an educational activity related to technology.

Re-certification can be in any of the activities listed below. The LSSC Program defines a contact hour as 60 minutes of continuous participation in a learning activity. Each activity must be a minimum of one contact hour. The chart below helps translate any coursework taken into contact hours.

Type of Activity Unit of Measure CE Contact Hours
Formal Coursework through Institution of Higher Learning
– Semester credit granted by institution 1 credit 15 contact hours
– Quarter credit granted by institution 1 credit 10 contact hours
Noncredit Workshops, Seminars
 Actual contact time of events* 60 minutes 1 contact hour
Self-Directed Activities, Conferences
– Learning experiences that fulfill the eligibility requirements supplemented with appropriate documentation 60 minutes 1 contact hour
– Professional, state or national conferences 1 day 6 contact hours

Renewal Procedures:¬† The LSSC Program has developed the following form for Re-certification. Be advised that this form must be completed in one sitting. To help you prepare for what you will need to enter on this form, The LSSC team has created this LSSC Re-certification Tracking Tool, which will help you have everything ready once you decide to complete the Re-certification form. The LSSC holder will submit educational activities with descriptions of the activities, including the name of the event, instructor, date, competency set addressed, and number of contact hours. In addition, the LSSC holder will submit a brief reflection of how the activity contributed to an increase in their skills or knowledge as well as an attendance artifact, such as a receipt of attendance, a receipt of registration, a “thank you for attending” email or letter, a copy of materials distributed at the activity, etc. There will be an area on the form when there artifacts can be attached to each educational activity. Once the Re-certification form and payment have been submitted, the LSSC Certification Review Committee will review the submissions on a quarterly basis (tentatively). If the committee approves the submission, you will be sent a Re-certification letter and become Certified for four additional years. If there are any problems with your submission, the LSSC Program office will contact you about the next steps to take.

If you have any questions, contact Kimberly Redd.

The LSSC Program office will send out occasional reminders to graduates about their Certification period nearing its end. LSSC holders will have a grace period of two months after their certification expires to submit the renewal information.

Renewal Costs: $100 for a four-year renewal, which will be submitted at the end of the Re-certification form.