Which competency set should you achieve?

You must complete the three required competency sets.  Using this test, determine if you could prepare a portfolio if you choose to or if you should take a course.

Next, look at the remaining seven competency sets and choose three to complete your achievement for support staff certification:

Once you have reviewed these competency requirements, you may choose your areas of study and your method for demonstrating your knowledge:  portfolios or approved courses. It is important to note that you do not have to make all of these decisions at once, and you can change your mind as your work through the program.

Which three competency sets from the remaining seven should you choose? Consider these reasons:

  • You have knowledge and skills from experience
  • You want to learn new knowledge or skills in that competency set
  • You feel this competency set will advance your career
  • Your library needs someone with the knowledge and skill in this competency set
  • You supervisor has asked you to work on this competency set

Even though they have the experience to prepare a portfolio, some candidates choose to take a course instead.  They do this to update their knowledge in that competency set or because they want the discipline of a course to achieve the competency set in a timely manner.

The chart below will be a helpful tool to guide your decisions about which competencies to select and whether to take an Approved Course or Develop and Submit a Portfolio. To think through your choices, add notes in the columns and decide whether to “Take an Approved Course” or “Develop and Submit a Portfolio.”  Remember, for each competency set you choose you need either take an LSSC approved course OR prepare a portfolio.  If you take a course, you do not need to prepare a portfolio and if you prepare a portfolio, you do not need to take a course.

Planning Worksheet: Will I take an Approved Course or prepare a Portfolio?