Getting Started

Portfolios and Approved Courses

Effective January 31, 2019 portfolio submissions will no longer be an option

You may complete competency sets either by taking LSSC approved courses (available online and face-to-face), or by working independently be developing and submitting a portfolio which will be assessed by librarians who are experts in the competency set. You only need to take one approved course or develop one portfolio per competency set and you can achieve some competencies through approved courses and some through portfolios.

How do you decide whether to prepare a portfolio or take an LSSC approved course?  If you feel that your knowledge and skills are strong in a competency set, you should consider developing and submitting a portfolio. If you want to learn more about a particular area or specific competencies in a set or refresh your knowledge an approved course might be the best choice.

Please note that you may have taken a course or workshop, watched a webinar, or attended a session on one or more of the competencies in a set. These educational experiences are not the same as taking an LSSC approved course, unless they are listed as an Approved Course on the LSSC webpage. However, you may use what you learned in those settings, assignments or projects, readings, etc., as you develop a portfolio.

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