What should my CARs include?

Each individual CAR will include:

  • Documents for each of the six competency sets you need for certification (three core competency sets and three elective sets).  The competency sets may be completed in any order that works best for you. For each competency set, you need to provide either:
  • Evidence of completion of an LSSC Approved Course (your course instructor will send you a Course Completion Certificate), OR
  • Evidence of your knowledge and skills documented in a Portfolios.

If you choose to produce a portfolio for a competency set, your portfolio must cover all of the competencies in that competency set. Although you will probably be required to complete assignments in an approved course, once you complete the course satisfactorily, you do not have to develop a portfolio for that competency set.

Directions for Developing Using LiveText and Creating Your CARs

There are four ways to explore how to access LiveText and create your CARs.

  1. LSSC does regular webinars that give step-by-step directions on using LiveText and creating your CARs.
  2. LSSC has archived  the webinars  for ongoing review.
  3. LSSC has also archived the power point used in the webinar which gives step-by-step directions in writing about using LiveText.
  4. LSSC staff have prepared video tutorials on using LiveText and creating your CARs.  These are available on the LSSC YouTube Channel.

We strongly encourage you to use one of these options prior to uploading documents to your CAR.  It will make the process much easier for you.