What are CARs?

Your Candidate Achievement Records (CARs) are your personal work areas on LiveText that you will use to document each of the six competency sets you need for certification (three core competency sets and three elective sets).  You will upload to your CARs the Certificates of Course Achievement OR your documentation of your knowledge and skills for portfolios.  Each candidate will have his/her own CARs. No one else will be able to see your CARs until you decide to share it with someone else.

To receive certification by the LSSC program, all necessary documents must be submitted through your CARs.  A four-year subscription to LiveText is included in the LSSC application fee. Even if you finish your course work before the four-year deadline, you will retain the full four-year subscription to your LiveText in case you want to use these documents at a later time.