LiveText and CARs

The LiveText Certification Management System

All of the documents you submit to show your achievement of competency sets are submitted through the online LiveText Certification Management System.   No information is submitted on paper.  Your application to become an LSSC candidate is also done through LiveText.

When you apply to LSSC on LiveText, you will choose a user name and password.   LiveText is the home of your Certification Achievement Record (CARs), where you will organize, upload, and submit all your work toward your certification.    Your first work on LiveText will be to create your personal Candidate Achievement Record (CARs) on each of the six competency sets you intend to achieve for certification.  You will have one CAR for each competency set you choose to achieve.

If you take an LSSC approved course, you will upload the Course Completion Certificate (CCC) onto the appropriate CAR in LiveText and submit it for review.  (We do not need to see your individual assignments, just the CCC from your instructor that shows you passed the course.)  If you develop a portfolio, all of your documentation will uploaded onto your CAR for that competency set in LiveText and your portfolio will be submitted via LiveText for evaluation.

LSSC staff offer regular webinars on using LiveText and the LSSC website has archived webinars and tutorials as well.  Finally, LiveText offers technical assistance that has been evaluated as very good by LSSC candidates.  Explore all of these resources as you prepare to move forward.