Candidate Application, Eligibility, and Cost

Application and Enrollment

Please follow this link to the Candidate application and enrollment form on the Formstack Data Management System.

By applying and enrolling to the program, you will become a Library Support Staff Certification Program Candidate the LSSC Program office will contact you if there are issues with your application that must be resolved.    You can expect to receive your letter of acceptance 30 days from the date you enroll in the program.


Any library support staff is eligible to apply and enroll for candidacy in LSSC; you will be accepted into the program if you have:

  • a minimum of a high school degree or its equivalency and
  • worked or volunteered in any type of library for a minimum of 1 year (1820 hours) within the last 5 years

You apply and enroll to become an LSSC candidate through the Formstack Data Management System.  Because everyone who meets the two LSSC eligibility requirements (high school degree and 1820 hours of experience) is accepted, this is also your enrollment form for the LSSC program.  You will be asked to provide information about these requirements on the candidate application and enrollment form.  Candidates from countries outside the United States are eligible to apply and enroll in the program.

LSSC competency sets are designed for LSS who wish to work or currently work in public or academic libraries.  However, LSS from any type of library may apply for and enroll in the program.


The fee to apply for and enroll in the LSSC program is $350 for non-ALA members and $325 for ALA members, who must submit an ALA membership number on the application form.

You will need to submit your enrollment fee with your application. Your payment may be made by secure credit card or by check.  If you do not meet the program’s requirements, your fee will be returned.

If you meet the requirements, you will become a Library Support Staff Certification Candidate.  You have four years to complete the program.  If you decide to withdraw from the LSSC Program, you may do so only within the first thirty days of acceptance into the LSSC program; after thirty days, no portion of the fee is refundable.  Candidates who request to withdraw from the program will be refunded the enrollment fee minus $125 for administrative costs.  Refunds will be processed within six to eight weeks after a written request is received by the LSSC Program office.