Do you have enough library experience?

If you are reading this, you are seriously considering preparing a portfolio to achieve a competency set.  To prepare a successful portfolio, you need to have knowledge and skill in that area. .  If you have not done so already, here is a quick way to determine if you have enough knowledge and skill in a competency set to successfully prepare a portfolio.

  1. Choose a competency set in which you feel you could prepare a portfolio and look at the competencies in that set.
  2. If for over 50% of the competencies you can say “I know that,” or “I can do that” then you can probably prepare a successful portfolio.  At this point do not worry about how you would demonstrate your competency.  We have Portfolio Development Suggestions to help you document your knowledge and skills.
  3. If over 50% of the time, you do not feel you have the skills and knowledge in a competency, then you may want to take a course.  It is very difficult to prepare a successful portfolio if you have little experience in that competency set.

IF you still are not sure (for 50% of the competencies you have the skill and for 50% you do not) you may want to read the rest of this section and look at the Portfolio Development Suggestions and then decide.