Developing and Submitting a Portfolio

A Portfolio is a way for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in a competency set.  If you submit a successful portfolio, you will not have to complete an LSSC approved course in that competency set. The cost for review of a Portfolio submission is $50 per Portfolio for ALA members, $60 per Portfolio for non-ALA members.

Your Portfolio must:

  • address each competency in a competency set
  • include a personal learning statement
  • be submitted on line using your Candidate Achievement Record (CAR) in the LiveText Certification Management System (see the section on your CAR and LiveText for more information on this).

Your Portfolio for a competency set will include:

  • A response to a Portfolio Development Suggestion (PDS) for each competency (PDS are explained in detail below) OR
  • Narratives, documents, audios, or videos that demonstrate your knowledge and skills for each competency in the competency set.  You will upload these documents or files in any file type (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher, .mp3, .pdf, etc.) to your CAR.
  •  A personal learning statement that demonstrates your understanding of the full competency set.  This statement includes:
    • an overview of your understanding of the competency set
    • a summary of your relevant experience and new learning

Structure of the Competency Sets

There are ten competency sets

  • In each competency set, there are a number of competencies.  The number of competencies varies from set to set.  For example, the Cataloging and Classification Competency Set has eight competencies and the Supervision and Management Competency Set has 16.
  • Under each competency there are Portfolio Development Suggestions (PDS).  The PDS were created to help candidates demonstrate their knowledge and skills.  Think of these as assignments that, if completed, show that you understand and can perform the competency.  There are two to four PDS in each competency set; however, you only need to complete one PDS for each competency.

This section will provide detailed directions on preparing and submitting a portfolio: