Updated October, 2012

These competencies address the skills and knowledge about technology necessary for library work. This competency set also addresses the role of providing access to and educating the user in the use of technologies and equipment relevant to information seeking, access, and use.

  1. Library Support Staff (LSS) know the general trends and developments in technology applications for library functions and services.
  2. LSS know the role and responsibility of libraries for introducing relevant applications of technology, including digital literacy, to the public.
  3. LSS know basic principles and best practices to ensure the integrity of data and the confidentiality of user activities.
  4. LSS know concepts and issues concerning the appropriate use of technology by different user groups.
  5. LSS demonstrate flexibility in adapting to new technology.
  6. LSS are able to assist and train users to operate public equipment, connect to the internet, use library software applications, and access library services from remote locations.
  7. LSS know role of technology in creating, identifying, retrieving, and accessing information resources and demonstrate facility with appropriate information discovery tools.
  8. LSS perform basic troubleshooting of technical problems and resolve or refer those problems as appropriate.
  9. LSS access and use basic assistive technologies, where appropriate, to ensure that all users have equitable access to technology.

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