Supervision and Management

Updated October, 2012

Library Support Staff often hold positions that involve supervision and management. These staff members may also need to demonstrate the competencies specific to a department in which they work.

  1. Library Support Staff (LSS) know basic regulations and laws that govern employment, library policies, and procedures; and how policies are influenced by local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  2. LSS know basic principles of staff management, supervision, and discipline.
  3. LSS participate in recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, and promoting library staff.
  4. LSS set clear performance expectations for staff linked to the library’s strategies and priorities.
  5. LSS know basic principles of leadership.
  6. LSS plan, implement, and encourage participation in staff development activities.
  7. LSS know the value of written, approved policies and procedures and the difference between policies and procedures and are able to develop policies and procedures for review.
  8. LSS know the basic purposes and concepts of budgeting and  are able to request, defend, and follow a budget for library activities.
  9. LSS know the basics of fundraising and grant writing and are able to prepare a proposal to raise funds to support library programs.
  10. LSS plan library services based on community demographics, data analysis, and needs and are able to evaluate these services.
  11. LSS know the principles and the value of forming partnerships with other libraries, agencies, and organizations.
  12. LSS know the principles of marketing the library and its services and can develop and implement a marketing plan.
  13. LSS develop realistic goals and measurable objectives after careful consideration of benefits, risks, and impact on library current and future needs.
  14. LSS apply concepts of user-oriented customer service to build positive relationships between staff and users.
  15. LSS know the basic principles and conduct meetings effectively and efficiently.
  16. LSS know the concepts of effective decision-making and are able to make decisions as appropriate.

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