Communication and Teamwork

Updated October, 2012

Library Support Staff need to communicate effectively with library users, library staff, and others in a variety of situations to offer high-quality customer service.

  1. Library Support Staff (LSS) know the basic concepts of interpersonal relations, customer service, teamwork, and communication.
  2. LSS select the most appropriate medium for communicating based on the language, communication styles, and needs of library users and colleagues.
  3. LSS resolve conflict in a positive and productive manner and judge when to refer situations to a supervisor.
  4. LSS understand and use effective communication skills to enhance approachability and to transmit information.
  5. LSS practice proactive customer service by anticipating and maintaining awareness of users’ needs. 
  6. LSS use effective verbal and non-verbal skills that provide the library user with a positive interaction.
  7. LSS know and use the tools of delivering difficult or sensitive information.
  8. LSS participate effectively on teams, commit to meeting agreed-upon goals and objectives, communicate respectfully and professionally, and support team decisions. 
  9. LSS seek, give, and accept constructive feedback from co-workers, supervisors, and users.

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