Updated October, 2012

Library Support Staff who work in collection functions support coworkers and library users by assisting with the processes that put library materials on the shelf or online.  This work requires knowledge and abilities in many aspects of this fundamental library work, including understanding publishers, vendors, budgets and accounting, how to resolve problems, preparing items for use, and caring for items after they have been well used.

  1. Library Support Staff know how to use integrated library systems, other appropriate online tools, and data to manage collections.
  2. LSS know the basic principles of collection development and management.
  3. LSS assist with decisions regarding selection, de-selection, retention, and replacement of all types of library resources.  
  4. LSS know the basic principles and can apply the appropriate procedures to the processes that provide users access to a wide variety of content.
  5. LSS know the various ways in which content, in multiple formats, is produced and distributed to libraries.
  6. LSS understand the value of resource sharing agreements and apply them to collection decisions.
  7. LSS know and can use the recognized standard evaluative sources to assist with collection development.
  8. LSS know the principles and basic practices regarding the preservation of library resources.  
  9. LSS apply appropriate methods and techniques for accurate preparation of library resources. 
  10. LSS can explain and apply policies regarding library collections.

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