Adult Readers’ Advisory Services

Updated October, 2012

In recent years, Readers’ Advisory Services have expanded from assisting library users with identifying books to read to assisting users with identifying materials for viewing and listening. These services consist of recommending titles of potential interest to the user to match the user’s interests and experience as well as promoting the collection.

  1. Library Support Staff (LSS) know the library’s collection and where to locate materials by type and genre.
  2. LSS have a general familiarity with popular and classic fiction, including a knowledge of authors, various fiction genres, and popular current nonfiction.
  3. LSS know and use basic reference and review tools for classic and popular music.
  4. LSS know and use basic reference and review tools for film genres.
  5. LSS know formats and resources appropriate for persons with disabilities affecting vision, hearing, or understanding.
  6. LSS know and use online and print readers’ advisory tools and reviewing sources including current and emerging social media sites and techniques.
  7. LSS can briefly and succinctly describe the plot of a book, film, or other media and its appeal.
  8. LSS can make recommendations without judgment regarding reading, listening, or viewing preference.
  9. LSS can respond to inquiries from, communicate with, and assist users with finding specific titles in their preferred format whether print, media, e-books, online or other available formats.
  10. LSS assist in developing, promoting, and implementing programs based on the library collections, such as book discussions, summer reading programs, film, and media programs and cooperating with community groups as appropriate.
  11. LSS assist in compiling resource lists and displays of books, recordings, films, websites and emerging media by genre, historical period, subject, author, composer, or director.
  12. LSS suggest additions to the collection based on trends in materials requested and borrowed.

Adult Readers’ Advisory Services 2012 (Word Document version)

Adult Readers’ Advisory Services 2012 (PDF version)