Access Services

Updated October, 2012

Access Services include on-site use and the routine circulation of resources in all formats, special circulation of course-reserved or other restricted-use materials, on-site and remote reciprocal circulation with users of partner libraries, interlibrary loan, and document delivery

  1. Library Support Staff (LSS) know the traditional and nontraditional organization schemes for collections.
  2. LSS apply and manage the appropriate processes, technology, and equipment for circulating library materials, resource sharing, reserves, and user services.
  3. LSS understand and apply copyright principles and policies pertaining to access functions such as reserves, document delivery, and interlibrary loan.
  4. LSS understand and apply the principles, policies, and procedures regarding user privacy in library services.
  5. LSS understand and apply the policies and procedures for resource sharing among libraries.
  6. LSS understand and apply the principles, policies, and procedures of security for people, equipment, and collections.
  7. LSS understand and use effective communication skills to explain access services policies and procedures. 
  8. LSS understand and apply customer service strategies to establish a welcoming atmosphere for all library users.
  9. LSS assist people in emergencies, diverse situations, and with diverse needs. 
  10. LSS perform applicable financial transactions and record keeping.
  11. LSS maintain collections by shelving, shifting, and shelf reading.
  12. LSS identify and solve problems related to circulation and resource sharing processes.
  13. LSS assist with collecting and reporting data on collections and services.

Access Services 2012 (Word Document Version)

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