Interested in Offering LSSC Approved Courses?

There are several ways that Candidates can earn the Library Support Staff Certification.  One of these ways is for a candidate to complete LSSC Approved Courses approved by the LSSC.  Providers can be any organization that provides library education.

Providers that wish to submit a course for approval must submit the following:

1.  Course application, including a detailed syllabus and an instructor’s resume

2.  A competency –course map that compares the course content, including readings, assignment an assessment to each of the competencies in one LSSC competency set

After submission, LSSC course evaluators review each course using a course approval rubric.  Course providers are urged to review this rubric before submitting a course for approval.  If your course is approved, students who successfully completed the course in the last two years from the date of course approval can receive LSSC “credit” for that course.  A LSSC candidate who successfully completes the course must only submit proof of course completion.  Approved course providers must agree to sign this course completion form.

Course application fees are: $100 for each approved course; courses are approved for 4 years. $100 approved course renewal fee; Renewals are good for 4 years.